Thursday, October 10, 2013

Processes!? We don't need no stinkin' processes! Oh wait, it's on the eval rubric, we still need this...

For those of us whose personalities reside in the East according to the Compass personality assessment, processes are the shizzle! We see Standard IVe in the NC Teacher Evaluation Rubric and think to ourselves, "we got this!"  Yay us! But what if we find ourselves as teachers and we are a North, or a South, or a West and we naturally have our own processes but don't really call them out explicitly?  Well, we miss a great teaching and learning opportunity and potentially limit ourselves to "Developing" or "Proficient".  In this time of ever increasing reliance on test scores to determine if students are learning or if teachers are teaching we may also be missing the most important skills of all...those real world skills like critical thinking and problem solving that drive innovation and progress.  So, how do we call out and put our teaching of process on blast???  Let's do some critical thinking together to find our answer and advocate for ours and our students' own "Accomplished" and "Distinguished" ratings.  Participate here:

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